PolskiBus forced to suspend services on the Warsaw – Lublin – Rzeszów route

PolskiBus.com informs that from August 3rd it is suspending its services on the Warsaw – Lublin – Rzeszów line. The move has been caused by the decision of the Local Government Appeal Council (SKO) which was issued as a result of measures taken by LEXMID and Private Association of Motor Transport “BUS” that represent private operators. In spite of the support granted by the Marshals of the Mazovian and Lubelskie Voivodship as well as engagement of PolskiBus.com customers who wished to keep the service, the company is forced to suspend the route immediately.


– “Frankly speaking we are disappointed with the decision taken by the Local Government Appeal Council after ten months that the Warsaw – Lublin – Rzeszów line has been in operation. Regrettably in spite of measures taken by PolskiBus.com to keep the services we are forced to suspend this connection for reasons beyond our control. The decision by SKO came as a surprise since Warsaw – Lublin – Rzeszów line was very popular from the very beginning of its operation. I wish to reassure you that we will take measures to reinstitute this service. Lublin is a strategic town for us so we are also considering the launch of new connections. I would like to take this opportunity and thank our passengers and all institutions that have been backing us for their immense support for our joint initiative aimed at keeping this line. Don’t hesitate to keep using our P7 Warsaw – Lublin service ” – said Piotr Pogonowski, Marketing and Communications Director, PolskiBus.com.

All passengers who have bought tickets for the suspended services between Warsaw and Lublin as well as Warsaw and Rzeszów will be offered a different departure time within the scope of the remaining services. Should the proposed departure times fail to meet passenger expectations, passengers will be asked to contact PolskiBus for reimbursement of the ticket cost.

Source: PolskiBus Press Release

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