The Independent: More than a thousand Polish expatriates to donate blood in solidarity bid with Britons

More than a thousand Polish expatriates are to donate blood in a bid for solidarity with Britons, in a positive protest taking place as an alternative to an unofficial strike planned next week. The surge in people making appointments at blood clinics across the country comes just days after the Independent reported the launch of the two very different campaigns.


Numbers pledging to take part in the mass blood donation on 20 August have overtaken the many hundreds who intend to strike in protest at the way migrants are often used as scapegoats for Britain’s economic woes. In London alone, several hundred Poles plan to gather outside Parliament, some wearing red t-shirts which simply state: “Enough! Stop blaming us.” No trade unions are involved in the action, which is being promoted by the UK-based Polish Express newspaper.

Yet now is not the time for Polish workers to resort to an unofficial strike, say the organisers of the alternative form of action. The idea is to strengthen British-Polish relations, according to George Byczynski, coordinator of the British Poles Initiative, which is promoting the #Polishblood campaign.

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