Tom Tom to move to new office building at Żeromskiego. Will employ 120 new people by end of 2015

Car navigation manufacturer TomTom plans to employ new 120 people by the end of the year in Łódź. The company revealed its plans, including the employment opportunities, as well the progress on the construction of a 7-storey office building at ul. Żeromskiego in Łódź, which in the future will be entirely occupied by Tom Tom.


The company constantly increases employment. Krzysztof Miksa, director of the Łódź branch of TomTom said it has successfully completed the first part of this year’s recruitment, which means that until July the company created 110 new jobs. Recruitment still continues and until the end of 2015 the company will employ another 120 people – mainly in positions related to software engineering.

Currently TomTom operates out of three facilities in Łódź. In the post-industrial building at the intersection of ul. Żeromskiego and Mickiewicza, as well as in the Orion office building (corner of Sienkiewicza and al.Piłsudskiego). However, the company wants to move a large part of the activities to the office, which is being build near the factory occupied by TomTom.

The office building, which will be fully leased by TomTom, is build by ABX. President of the construction firm, Zbigniew Gorecki, assured that the investment will be completed by the end of 2016. The office building at Żeromskiego Street 94 will have 7 floors, including one underground. Leasable area will comprise of approximately 4 thousand square meters.


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