The Legends of Warsaw

The Warsaw Mermaid Once upon a time (which is when these things always take place) lived two mermaids in the Baltic Sea. These half-fish, half-women were beautiful sisters who had spent their whole existence in […]

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Doing business in Poznan

With business in Poland booming, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are looking to start up operations in the likes of Poznan, a small but vibrant city in the heart of Europe. The […]

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Sopot Nightlife

You’re in the Tri-City and you’ve seen the sights, been to the beach, sat in the churches, and maybe you’ve even had a drink or two along the water in Gdansk. You can see that […]

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Property prices on the rise

Reports have shown that property prices have started to rise in Poland – with tourist-friendly cities Krakow and Wroclaw leading the way. According to research by, Metrohouse and Expander, the average prices in Krakow […]

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The New York Times: 36 hours in Krakow

(The New York Times) : IN Krakow, Poland’s second city, comparisons are unavoidable. The Old Town’s stately main square, ringed by outdoor cafes and dominated by the twin spires of a magnificent church? Like Prague’s, […]