Polish Airline LOT presents new and better family friendly service

Warsaw, 19th August 2015 – All families with children travelling with LOT can benefit from a special offer which will make their flight easier right from arriving at the airport. Friendly and dedicated check-in stands, priority entry on board, the availability of changing tables, special on-board menu or entertainment are only some items which make LOT travelling with children pleasant and stress-free. All services to families with children will be now branded with a cartoon character, a friend to all junior travellers – Lotek!


Lotek is a small crane bird which is a leitmotif on each stage of the child’s travel – starting already at home, to the Warsaw airport, to arrival to the destination airport. Thanks to coherent navigation, parents with their kids will easily find their way to their place in the plane.

“This is part of building customer experience – an easy and friendly path for the passenger from the idea for travel to leaving the plane. On each stage, we want to be close to our customers and as much as possible match our services to their needs. We know that that there are many things which can make it easier for families with children to travel. That’s why we are launching them”, says Marcin Celejewski, Member of the Management Board for Sales, LOT. “With solutions such as Family Check-In, which is offered in Warsaw only by LOT, we’ve managed to make our hub one of the most children-friendly airports today. And more of such solutions are in the pipeline. This is how we are building the most efficient and friendly transit airport in Europe”, he adds.

Travel starts already before passengers appear at the airport. On the lot.com website parents will find inspirations developed specifically for families with children and all information on preparations to the flight, including the documents required for travel. Children can also take advantage of special discounts.

Already at the airport, small children will easily identify specially marked Family Check-In stands where they will get a luggage label and passport for collecting stamps for each flight from the Warsaw airport. Near the Family Check-in stands there is a dedicated place in which a stewardess takes over from the caregiver a child travelling alone. Dedicated, trained on-board members of personnel accompany the child and are responsible for its safety from the check-in to the time when the kid is taken over by the designated adult person at the destination airport.

Family check-in is not the last place where children have their travel experience. Already this year, behind the security check, there will be a playground which will not allow the children to be bored waiting for the flight, and the parents will be given some relief prior to travel.

It’s worth noting that onboard each LOT’s Dreamliner there are already available cradles with quilts and bibs for babies. Delicious food on order for children will be found tasty by even the most demanding young connoisseurs. Changing tables are available in planes, and the child gets a small traveller’s kit (a booklet and coloured pencils) for each flight. After landing at the destination airport, the child will also get a diploma for High Flights and an award for collecting all stickers.

“We’ve taken care of all details, from preparation to flight, to the airport, to the board of our plane, to the leaving. The figure of LOTek should from now on remind each parent that both them and their kids are under the caring wings of the professional LOT crew which is prepared for any, even the most fancy need of travelling families. We want to make travel by our planes a pleasant and remembered experience since the youngest age”, says Krzysztof Moczulski, the Director of the Product Development Bureau, LOT.

To make travel easier, LOT allows for free transport of luggage for children, transport of folding buggies as part of free luggage and special discount for tickets. This all makes the LOT offer for travelling families a comprehensive, attractive and unique package.

To fully supplement the offering, we also established a LOT Kids educational programme – school excursions for children. These are group visits to the LOT headquarters and the LOT AMS technical base. First, at special workshops, kids are learning how to prepare themselves to a flight, what can be taken aboard and what should be left in the main luggage. They also receive answers to the most curious questions about planes and air travel, and can also see a plane from close up – not at the airport, but in a hangar, where LOT planes undergo their daily service. At the close of the excursion, children visit the airport where they learn how to make a check-in, deposit the luggage and pass through the security check.

Source: LOT Press Release

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