New signs at Warsaw Chopin Airport help passengers find their way

Finding your way to the taxi stand, bus stop or train station will no longer be an issue at Chopin Airport. The airport has just deployed a new system which will not allow travellers to get lost.


. The new system are arrows that are glued to the floor. One for the taxi stand where taxis recommended by the airport are waiting, one for the bus stop and one for the train station. They lead passengers via the easiest and quickest path available. They also show the distance to each means of transport – says Radoslaw Paruzel, spokesperson for Warsaw Chopin Airport.

To increase passengers safety the airport has set information boards warning the passengers about fake taxis. Black boards will be warning the passengers and yellow ones inform them about which taxi companies are genuine.

Paruzel says that feedback received from passengers so far has been very positive.

Photo: Warsaw Chopin Airport

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