The Independent: Nazi gold train – Pair have ‘irrefutable proof of its existence’

(The Independent) – The two men who claimed they found a lost Nazi “gold train” in Poland have identified themselves following accusations their story is a hoax.


The men, Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, said on Poland’s TVP.INFO that they had “irrefutable proof” of the train’s existence, the Associated Press reported.

Last month, authorities in the south-western city of Walbrzych, Poland said two men had contacted them claiming to have found an armoured train – possibly containing looted Nazi gold and priceless artwork.

Reports that the Nazis hid a train full of gold from the Soviet Army in early 1945 around Walbryzych have circulated since the Second World War

On 20 August it was suggested the train had been found, but despite speculation there was no proof the “gold train” actually existed.

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