Łódz City Council rents out Apartments in Attics as part of the 4th edition of the ‘Strych’ program

On 7th of August Łódz City Council has started the fourth edition of its program ‘Strych’ (Attic). The aim of the program is to rent out the attics in the buildings that are owned by the council. The attics that are available in this edition of the program are located on Dąbrowskiego 24a, Przędzalniana 16, Gdańska 87, 6 Sierpnia 86, Kopernika 32, Pogonowskiego 79, Łagiewnicka 67, Pomorska 73 and Legionów 15.


All the spaces need to be adapted to become apartments. Usually the cost of adaptation is between 50 and 150 thousands zloty. It will be returned to the tenants in rent which will be set at 1-2 zl per square meter for about 10 years (depending on the amount spent). Additional information for anyone interested will be given in Biuro ds. Rewitalizacji i Rozwoju Zabudowy Miasta oraz Biuro Architekta Miasta on Piotrkowska 171 or via email rewitalizacja@uml.lodz.pl

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