Łódz Regional Mixer attracts thousands of visitors to Piotrkowska

The annual Łódz Regional Mixer filled Piotrkowska with thousands of visitors curious to find out what Łódz Voivodhsip has to offer. The 12th edition of this event aimed to present and promote culture, customs and cuisine of municipalities, cities and counties from across the Łódz region.


Ninety stands along Piotrkowska attracted buyers with handmade laces, homemade celery and beetroot juices, lard sandwiches and cherry, mint and bison grass tinctures.

On two stages set on Piotrkowska 68 and Pasaż Schillera more than a dozen artists performed live concerts on their guitars, drums, tambourine, bass and cymbals.

Parallel to the fair on Piotrowska Street, Staromiejski Park hosted a series of miniature events of regional festivals like the Open Hair Festival from Sieradz, Knight Tournament from Leczyca, Potato Festival from Swinice Warckie and the Strawberry Festival from Buczek.

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