Service / Outsourcing sector experiences continuous growth in Łódź

The shared service / outsourcing sector experiences continuous growth in Łódź. More than 13,000 people in the region have found employment in the sector and multinational companies are continuously looking for new employees.

According to a report by ABSL (an organization of companies from the business services sector), which was published by wyborcza earlier this week, there are over 13,000 people employed in the business service sector in Łódź. From April 2013 to April 2015, employment in this sector increased by as much as 40%.


For just over decade, Poland has experienced tremendous growth in the services industry. Multinational companies set up shared service centers, centralizing functions within accountancy, IT, customer service and sales. On top of the preferred destinations for the new centers were Krakow and Warsaw. Up until recently, Łódź has stood at the sidelines of the development in the services industry. However, according to ABSL, this has changed. There are now over 50 multinational centers in Łódź and the number is continuously growing.

Łódź is an ideal place for multinational companies. As university city, Łódź offers access to young and motivated graduates with a wide selection of expertise. In addition, due to its close proximity to Warsaw and increasingly improving infrastructure, Łódź offers great logistical advantages over other, more remote, locations.

But the companies themselves are not the only beneficiaries of the change. Graduates as well as workers who have already gained experience within the service sector, benefit from the growing business services sector in Łódź. The services sector presents excellent opportunities. To be an attractive candidate for these companies, graduates, in addition to technical knowledge, should have sound knowledge of foreign languages. The basis for most projects in the centers is the direct contact with partners, clients and customers and usually in their native languages. Hence, in addition to the traditional requirements of French or German, there is also a high demand for professionals who use, for example, Scandinavian languages.

Graduates who choose a career path in the services industry can expect a great variety of benefits. Multinational companies usually offer clear and structured career paths, internal and external training opportunities, development of professional skills, both hard and soft skills, and, depending on the employee, opportunities to develop into senior roles such as team leads or middle management positions. In addition to the professional benefits, there is also the element of cultural exchange, working with colleagues from different countries from across the globe, allowing employees to broaden their cultural horizon and enhance their language skills.

In Łódź, companies such as Infosys, Fujitsu, Xerox, HP, Takeda and, more recently opened, Swiss company Clariant, have set a trend and, judging by the developments of the past three years and improvements in infrastructure, the outlook for the business services industry in Łódź is rather positive.

Image: wyborcza

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