PIT 2015 – Tax declarations due until 2nd of May 2016

Tax declarations (PIT) for the year 2015 can be sent until the 2nd of May. Usually, the declarations are due latest by the 30th of April, however, as the 30th of April is a Saturday, the deadline has been extended to the 2nd of May.


Paweł Jurek, of the Ministry of Finance, confirmed on Wednesday that the deadline has been extended due to the fact that the 30th of April is a non-working day. However, Jurek also stressed that the extended deadline should not encourage to leave the declaration until the last day. – We encourage you to settle your tax electronically, because it is faster, easier and safer – Jurek said.

So far, the Ministry has received over 4.3 Million electronic tax declarations for the previous year already.

Employees in Poland should receive a “PIT-11” form from their employer which is used as the basis for the declaration. Employees who have not received their PIT-11 form by the end of February are encouraged to ask their employer to provide them with the original or issue a copy. Not being in possession of the PIT-11 form is the fault of the employee and does not exempt from submitting the tax declaration.

To submit your tax declaration online, please follow this link.

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