Ryanair reveals full list of cancelled flights. Polish routes among mass cancellations


No-frills airline Ryanair has revealed a full list of flights it will be cancelling between now and March 2018, with an estimated 400,000 passengers to be affected by the cancellations.

According to Ryanair, the mass cancellations are the result of an error made in holiday rosters of pilots and the schedule reduction will eliminate all risk of further flight cancellations. Below list shows partial cancellations on Ryanair’s routes to Poland. These indicate the cancelled flights on these routes. All other scheduled flights on these routes will operate as normal:

Flight 2374 – London Stansted – Gdansk
Flight 2375 – Gdansk – London Stansted

Flight 8307 – Wroclaw – Manchester
Flight 8308 – Manchester – Wroclaw

Flight 2281 – London Stansted – Warsaw Modlin
Flight 2282 – Warsaw Modlin – London Stansted

Flight 1021 – London Stansted – Warsaw Modlin
Flight 1022 – Warsaw Modlin – London Stasted

Flight 8405 – London Stansted – Worclaw
Flight 8406 – Wroclaw – London Stansted

Flight 6624 – Edinburgh – Krakow
Flight 6625 – Krakow – Edinburgh

Ryanair has also cancelled some of its routes completely over the winter period . The routes to or from Poland as well as some of the domestic Polish routes are listed below:

Edinburgh – Szczecin

Gdansk – Warsaw

Hamburg – Katowice

Newcastle – Gdansk

Thessaloniki – Warsaw

Trapani – Krakow

Wroclaw – Warsaw

– We apologise again sincerely for the disruption and inconvenience our rostering failure has caused some of our customers. We have taken on extra customer service staff and are moving now to process and expedite all EU261 claims from affected customers. We are committed to processing all such claims within 21 days of receipt and hope to have all such claims settled before the end of October -, Ryanair said in a statement.

Image: Wiki Commons

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