Radom Airport to remain open? According to experts, closing the airport would be a mistake

According to experts, closure of the airport in Radom would be a mistake. – The right carrier has to be found and the airport given a chance – says Marek Malarski from the University of Warsaw. He added that Poland still does not have enough civil airports.


The expert in the field of air transport says – rather than closure, the local government should invest in the extension of the runway. They should look for a suitable carrier. Malarski adds that a good business plan should be drawn up and a preferential agreement signed with one of the carriers, according to which over 3 or 5 years period, they will not be charged for the use of the airport. This is is not an unusual situation. Most of the airports start off in this way – explains Professor Malarski.

Radom airport is the fourteenth civilian airport in Poland and – as argued by the expert – there is room for more. Given the country’s surface area and population, there should be 45 or even 55 airports.

By the end of the year a decision on the potential closure of the airport will be taken by the city’s councilors and the mayor of Radom.

Malarski’s opinion contradicts a special report issues by Reuters last year which stated that the EU is funding “Ghosts Airports” in Poland.

Image: Wiki Commons

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