Poland Travel App – A must for your stay in Poland

Smartphone users can now use two new mobile applications prepared by the Polish Tourist Organization: Poland.travel and Poland Tours Planner.


Poland Travel App – Polish Tourist Information System is a mobile tourist guide based on the resources of the Tourist Information Base (collected and updated by all tourist organizations in Poland).

The newest version of the application introduces, above all, very intuitive tool which is a trip planner. Using just your mobile phone, you can plan your stay in one of the areas you are interested, and take advantage of the tours offered by other users. With individual profiles can plan your trip by the website integrated with the application and then download it onto your own device.

Poland.Travel app has also many other useful travel tools: Map available offline and online, QR codes scanner, augmented reality module so you can easily check for points of interest, convenient currency converter, access to central the resources of Tourist Information Database, as well as a calendar of events and thematic notification, letting you know what’s going on near your current location.

To download the app to your device chose from one of the links below:

Apple IOS
Windows Phone

Source & Photo: Poland Travel

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