PKP Intercity announces modernization of train cars and purchase of new rolling stock

Good news for passengers of PKP Intercity as the company has announced two tenders, one for the purchase of 12 additional electrical train units (new intercity trains) as well as for the modernization of its existing “ED74” train cars.

The company stated that as part of its modernization program, some 7 billion PLN have been allocated for the purchase of 12 new complete Intercity train units as well as the modernization of its IC train cars.

PKP Intercity said that they expect the first new units to be delivered within 18 months upon signing the contract with the winning bidder, with the delivery of all new units to be completed by 2023.

Another tender was opened for the modernization of its current “ED74” train cars (see image). After modernization, the ED74 series vehicles will be equipped with a range of passenger facilities. They will provide seats and mounted electricity sockets and devices that provide wireless internet. In addition, there will be facilities for people with disabilities and passengers with bicycles. The modernization is also aimed at improving the efficiency of vehicles, and thus the use of technical solutions that will eliminate unit failures.

Photo: Press Material PKP Intercity

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