Widzew Łódź – LKS Rosanów moved to stadium in Głowno

Today’s 5th Polish football league match between RTS Widzew Łódź and LKS Rosanów has been moved to Stal Głowno’s stadium at ul. Kopernika 37 in Głowno. The reason for the move is a financial dispute between the board of Widzew Łódź and UKS SMS Łódź.


This season, Widzew played their home games at the SMS stadium at ul. Milionowa 12 due to the construction of the new Widzew stadium. However, the hosts, SMS Łódź presented the management board of Widzew with an annex to the rental agreement. The annex came due to increased costs incurred by Widzew which were not covered by the agreement, management of SMS Łódź stated. The annex was rejected at a Widzew management meeting.

This means that Widzew Łódź once again has to look for a venue in order to finish the season. With 8 games to go this season, Widzew leads Liga 4 (Polish fifth league) Łódź division with 4 points ahead of KS Paradyż.

The move into an alternative stadium could not come at a worst moment. Widzew had a strong run since the start of the second round of the 2015 / 16 season and recently took over the top of Liga 4 Łódź division. Winning the league title would mean promotion to the Liga 3 (Polish fourth division) but the move could have a direct impact on players and the club’s performance. Whether or not Widzew will be able to play all its remaining home matches at the stadium in Głowno still remains to be seen.

The match against LKS Rosanów is scheduled for today at 17:30. Completion of the new Widzew stadium at al. Pilsudskiego is scheduled for November this year, however, Widzew will only be able to start playing its home matches at the new venue from March 2017.

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