Widzew closes in on league leaders – 4:1 against KS Paradyż

Widzew Łódź continues to impress in the 2nd round of the 2015 / 16 season. In their 6th win out of 6 games, Widzew defeated league leaders KS Paradyż by 4:1.


1970 fans witnessed a strong Widzew team eager to move in on league leaders and visitors KS Paradyż in a bid to keep their hopes of promotion to the 3rd league (Polish 4th league) alive. Following 5 wins out of the first 5 games of the second round of the season, Widzew managed their first real challenge by defeating leaders KS Paradyż by 4:1 and decreasing the gap to 3 points.

Widzew Łódź – KS Paradyż 4:1 (1:0)
17′, 54′ Strus, 70′ Gromek, 91′ Kaczyński – 84′ Majsak

Image: WidzewToMy

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