Volleyball: Budowlani Łódź nets 3 points away from home. 3:1 in Rzeszow (Gallery)

Volleyball team Budowlani Łódź secured their second victory in the 2016 / 17 season as they triumphed over Developres SkyRes Rzeszów with 3:1 away from home. With 6 points out of 2 matches, Budowlani climbed up to 2nd place of the Orlen Liga (highest Polish Women’s Volleyball league).


Though the 3 points and the team’s performance were the highlight of yesterday’s (23.10.16) match in Rzeszow, the Łódź Post would like to start off with extending words of gratitude to Developres SkyRes Rzeszów, particularly to its members of staff. Despite a small detail missing in the accreditation application, despite the language barrier, the press office at the Rzeszów club was very helpful and forthcoming, eventually granting accreditation to the Łódź Post with a very friendly and helpful exchange of messages. Also, a big thanks goes out to the ladies at the ticket / accreditation desk as well as the stewards inside the arena. Everyone was very helpful and accommodating and very willing to find somewhat of a common language. Thank you Developres SkyRes Rzeszow.


Having been awarded a walkover win over Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza, which saw Rzeszow win 3:0 by a decision made at the green table, expectations were high for Sunday’s match against the visitors from Łódź. Approx. 1000 spectators found their way to the Podpromie Arena with about 20 visiting fans from Łódź among them.


The first set of the match started off on equal terms with both teams progressing point by point equally until a point by Heike Beier saw Budowlani take a 13:14 lead and slowly walk away with an additional 7 points, bringing the score tally to 13:21 and eventually winning the set by 17:25.


The second set finished in favour of the hosts with both teams on somewhat equal terms, however, it was Developres SkyRes Rzeszow who kept the upper hand bringing the set home by 26:24. The third set started as the two sets before, both teams taking points and trailing alongside each other until the 14:14 when Kaja Grobelna won an attack point and brought the Łódź team on to winning path, overall claiming the third set with 21:25.


Being 2:1 up on set points, Budowlani experienced somewhat of an unfortunate start to the fourth set. Suddenly the hosts were up by 9:3 and the match looked as if it would have to be decided in tie-break. However, following a time-out, Budowlani managed to get back into the match by winning seven consecutive points, bringing the score tally to 9:10 in favour of the guests. From that moment onwards, Budowlani appeared to be unstoppable. While the hosts could briefly interrupt Budowlani’s winning streak, following the 10:10 draw, Budowlani continued to dominate the set, scoring an additional five consecutive points bringing the score to 10:15. In the closing phase of the set, the hosts once again came dangerously close, however, the ladies from Łódź kept their nerves winning the fourth and final set by 22:25 and claiming their second victory in the second match of the season.


Following the initial celebrations, Budowlani player Sylwia Pycia was awarded player of the match for an outstanding performance throughout the match.


Next up, Budowlani Łódź will play host to KSZO Ostrowiec at the Atlas Arena on Monday 31st of October at 18:00. If you would like to visit the match, Budowlani Łódź are running a competition for two tickets on their Facebook page.

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