Speedway: Polonia Bydgoszcz – Orzeł Łódź 32:51 (Photos)

Following a difficult start to the season, speedway team Orzeł Łódź seem to have found the winning lane. Yesterday afternoon, the Eagles defeated Polonia Bydgoszcz away from home by 51:32 .

The Sunday afternoon duel was preceded by a ceremony in honor of two people closely related to Speedway in Poland. During the presentation of the riders, the president of the Bydgoszcz club was given a cake for his 80th birthday which he celebrated on the 26th of May. The riders of Orzeł Łódź displayed a banner, which read “There is only one “Mistrz” – Tomasz Gollob”, to honour the recently injured speedway champion and veteran Tomasz Gollob.

Approx. 1000 spectators, including some 50 fans from Łódź, found their way to the Polonia stadium as with blue skies and 26 degrees, conditions for a Sunday speedway afternoon were perfect. Though the mood changed quickly, at least from a Bydgoszcz perspective, as Orzeł Łódź started into the match with two double winners in heat 1 and 2, leaving no doubt that they came to Bydgoszcz with the intention to win and were not going to leave without the much needed 2 points.

Though Bydgoszcz did not give up, at the end it was the Łódź team which initially celebrated a 39:51 victory. However, following the match, an inspection of the rider’s bikes revealed that Bydgoszcz rider Wiktor Kułakow started into the match with a motorcycle not registered in pre-match reports. The decision to deduct the points the Russian rider gained was made immediately after the match, leaving the overall score at 32:51 .

Next weekend, Orzeł Łódź welcomes Polonia Bydgoszcz to the Orzeł stadium for the return leg. The match on Sunday 04.06. is scheduled to start at 14:45 . Tickets will be available at the ticket counters outside the stadium at 35 PLN single or 45 PLN family ticket.

Polonia Bydgoszcz – Orzeł Łódź 32:51

Polonia Bydgoszcz – 32:

9. Wiktor Kułakow – 7+1 (1,3,2*,1,0)
10. Andriej Kudriaszow – 5 (d,0,3,2)
11. Oskar Ajtner-Gollob – 8 (3,1,2,1,1)
12. Damian Adamczak – 8+1 (2*,2,1*,0,3)
13. Marcin Jędrzejewski – 10 (3,1,3,1,2)
14. Tomasz Orwat – 1 (1,0,d,0)
15. Patryk Sitarek – 0 (d,d,-)

Orzeł Łódź – 51:

1. Robert Miśkowiak – 9 (3,d,1,3,2)
2. Aleksandr Łoktajew – 7+1 (2*,3,2,w,0)
3. Edward Mazur – 6+1 (1,2*,0,3)
4. Rohan Tungate – 10 (0,3,1,3,3)
5. Hans Andersen – 10+1 (2,2,3,2*,1)
6. Michał Piosicki – 5+3 (2*,1*,2*)
7. Arkadiusz Potoniec – 4 (3,1,0)

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