Speedway: Orzeł Łódź prepares for match of the season against Częstochowa

Fans of Speedway team Orzeł Łódź are gearing up for what is set to become the match of the season. On Sunday, 28th of August, Orzeł will play host to Włókniarz Częstochowa, one of the top candidates for promotion to the Ekstraliga.


The next couple of days will be electrifying for fans of Orzeł Łódź as they anticipate the match of the season against one of the fiercest rivals in the 2nd Polish Speedway league, Włókniarz Częstochowa. The match on Sunday will most likely be the toughest, but also most anticipated of the season as a win would guarantee Orzeł Łódź a place in the play-offs for the much desired promotion to the Ekstraliga (highest Polish Speedway league).

The build up to the match is not only influenced by the fact that Orzeł is sitting in top spot of the league while Częstochowa, one of the main contenders for promotion, in third. It is also influenced by Orzeł’s recent match in Częstochowa which took place on the 17th of July. 150 travelling Orzeł fans witnessed their team’s fighting spirit and will to defend their play-off place, as the team returned from an almost certain (and somewhat humiliating) defeat to almost winning the match.

After the 11th round, Częstochowa was leading the match by 40:26, however, three double wins in the 12th, 13th and 14th race saw the team from Łódź closing in to 43:41. Emotions were running high as the teams prepared for the 15th and final race of the match, but a 3:3 draw saw Częstochowa claim overall victory.

The match at the Orzeł stadium this Sunday, 28th of August, will be no short of emotions and suspense. Both teams have a lot to fight for and Częstochowa has not yet given up on their ambitions to become one of the two top teams which will be making up the play-offs at the end of the regular season. While the match itself will have much to offer to both sets of supporters, Orzeł Łódź has prepared a special treat for their fans. Within the matchday program, a special section with player photos and autograph space will be added and the riders will be available to fans on the race track after the match.

Both teams are strong and both teams have a lot to play for. Therefore it is difficult to predict the outcome of the match. However, what can be predicted is that on Sunday at 13:45, the Orzeł stadium at ul. 6-Sierpnia will be the place to be Łódź.

Tickets for the match will be available in front of the stadium from 10:00. Admission is 25 PLN.

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