Speedway: Emotional meeting sees Orzeł Łódź tie with Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnow in first play-off leg

Speedway club Orzeł Łódź invited fans to what might be the last ever meeting at the old stadium. From next season, the ‘Eagles” plan to move into their new and shiny stadium, located right next to where old track currently is located.

Fans followed the invitation to the join the meeting free of charge by the thousands, filling to the stadium to the last seat and making it the biggest attendance of the season. So far, Unia Tarnow dominated the league, finishing the regular season in top spot of the league table. However, the cards are mixed again when it comes to play-offs, everything is possible and Orzeł’s riders had no intentions of leaving this year’s competition without putting up a fight.

At the end of the meeting, both teams parted with a 45:45 draw, giving Tarnow a slight advantage when they meet again for the second leg which will take place in Tarnow on the 3rd of September. However, if the Orzeł riders take their high spirits from yesterday’s meeting to the return leg in Tarnow, we might be in for a surprise and may be there will be yet another “last meeting at the old stadium”, should Orzeł be able to defeat Tarnow on their own turf.

Orzeł Łódź – Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnow 45:45

Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów

1. Peter Ljung – 10+2 (2*,1,3,3,1*)
2. Jakub Jamróg – 9+1 (3,3,2*,0,1)
3. Artur Mroczka – 4+1 (2*,1,0,1)
4. Artur Czaja – 9 (3,2,1,0,3)
5. Kenneth Bjerre – 11 (3,3,1,2,2)
6. Patryk Rolnicki – 1 (u,d,1)
7. Michał Nowiński – 1 (1,0,0)

Orzeł Łódź

9. Hans Andersen – 8+1 (1,2,2*,1,2)
10. Edward Mazur – 4 (0,1,-,3,0)
11. Aleksandr Łoktajew – 4+1 (u,0,2*,2)
12. Rohan Tungate – 14 (t,2,3,3,3,3)
13. Robert Miskowiak – 8+1 (2,3,1,2*,0)
14. Michał Piosicki – 3+1 (2*,1,d,0)
15. Jakub Miskowiak – 4+1 (3,1*,0)

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