Representing the club’s colours – New Widzew stadium will be red-white-red

Construction of the new Widzew Łódź stadium is in full swing. A part of the red-white-red façade is already finished.


The new Widzew Łódź stadium will be alluded in the scheme of club’s colors. Elevation at the VIP sector at the street Tunnel will be white, and the sectors of the left and right sides will be covered with clinker bricks.

– The brick are red, so that the stadium will be presented in the club’s colours: red-white-red – says Małgorzata Belta, director of investments of the City of Łódź. – the clinker bricks have been specially designed for Widzew Łódź

The new Widzew stadium at al. Piłsudskiego is expected to cost 138 million PLN.

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