Speedway: Orzeł Łódź – Polonia Bydgoszcz 52:32 (Photos)

Fans of speedway team Orzeł Łódź certainly got their monies worth at the Orzeł stadium yesterday afternoon. In what turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour long match, the Eagles defeated visitors Polonia Bydgoszcz by 52:32.

The match started off on somewhat equal terms with Orzeł Łódź gaining a slight advantage over visitors Polonia Bydgoszcz. After the fourth heat, Orzeł found themselves 15:9 points up, however, it was unclear as to whether or not the Eagles would be able to continue to build their advantage and eventually win the vital league points.

Following the fourth heat, the match had to be suspended for over an hour following heavy rainfall which turned the track into a mud bath. While the actual rainfall only lasted for approx. 5 minutes, the amount of water descending onto the track had fans losing all hopes for a continuation of the match. However, as the rain stopped, workers, team management staff and the president of the club Witold Skrzydlewski rushed out to clear the track of the water. Under the scrutiny of match officials, brooms, buckets and pumps came into force as the Łódź team worked hard to allow the match to continue.

The break lasted approx. 1 hour and when match officials gave the final go ahead, Orzeł seemed to return into the match with spirits flying high. Heat 5, 6 and 7 were decided with 5:1 double wins in favour of the hosts and it was in heat 6 when Robert Miśkowiak set a new track record as he finished the four laps in 65,70 seconds.

Orzeł continued to dominate the remainder of the match as Polonia struggled to get their feet back on the ground. Renewed heavy rainfall, this time mixed with thunder, forced the match officials to abandon the match after the 14th heat, however, the result at the time was taken as the official result of the match as, per speedway rules, 8 heats were completed and therefore the result was valid.

Having gained 2 league points plus bonus, Orzeł Łódź temporarily occupies top spot of the Polish Speedway Liga 1 (second league) and now prepares for their clash with Stal Rzeszow next Sunday away from home.

Orzeł Łódź – Polonia Bydgoszcz 52:32

Polonia Bydgoszcz – 32

1. Oskar Ajtner-Gollob – 7+2 (1,1,1*,3,1*)
2. Damian Adamczak – 2 (0,0,2,0)
3. Andriej Kudriaszow – 6 (2,1,1,2)
4. Wiktor Kułakow – 6 (1,0,3,2)
5. Marcin Jędrzejewski – 7 (2,1,2,0,2)
6. Tomasz Orwat – 2 (2,d,0)
7. Mateusz Jagła – 2 (1,0,1)

Orzeł Łódź – 52

9. Hans Andersen – 9+2 (2*,2*,2,3)
10. Aleksandr Łoktajew – 12 (3,3,w,3,3)
11. Edward Mazur – 8 (w,3,3,2,0)
12. Rohan Tungate – 6+1 (3,2*,w,1)
13. Robert Miśkowiak – 10 (3,3,3,1)
14. Michał Piosicki – 6+2 (3,2*,1*)
15. Arkadiusz Potoniec – 1 (w,1,0)

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