Orzeł Łódź dismantles Włókniarz Częstochowa, qualifies for final

Expectations were high ahead of last Sunday’s speedway match between Orzeł Łódź and Włókniarz Częstochowa as both teams were riding for a place in the league final. At the end, Orzeł Łódź defeated Częstochowa by 64:25.


When Włókniarz Częstochowa prepared for their match against Orzeł Łódź last Sunday, it was clear that it will not be an easy ride for the Silesians. However, no one would have expected, or could have predicted, the drama that was about to unfold at the Orzeł stadium.

Częstochowa desperately needed the win in order to keep hopes alive for a place in the final of the Nice Speedway league (2nd Polish league) to still have a shot at promotion to the Ekstraliga. However, following Swedish rider Tomas H. Jonasson’s accident in the first race, the match went from bad, to worse to devastating as race after race passed in favour of the Łódź team. Eventually, Orzeł Łódź defeated the guests by 64:25, already qualifying for the promotion play-offs with three matches left to go.

Up next, Orzeł Łódź will travel to Opole this Friday to take on Kolejarz. On Sunday, the team travels to the north-east for their match against Polonia Piła.

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