Basketball: Widzew Łódź – Artego Bydgoszcz 51:87 (Photos)

It was a difficult start to the 2017 / 18 basketball season for Widzew Łódź. The Widzew ladies lost the season’s inaugural match at home to favourites Artego Bydgoszcz by 51:87 in the early evening hours of Friday (22.09.2017) .

Right from the start, the experienced team from Bydgoszcz dictated the pace of the game, somewhat forcing their style of play onto the hosts. Within the first three minutes, the visitors found themselves 10:0 up over the young Widzew team. Though efforts to score, particularly by Julia Drop and Ukrainian player Darya Zavidnaya, who scored the first points for Widzew in the new season, started to pay off, the first quarter of the game finished by 24:12 in favour of the visitors.

Although Widzew tried to find their way back into game and individual actions by Widzew’s no. 10 Roksana Schmidt saw the hosts gain vital points, it was Artego that appeared to be more coordinated as a team and at the end it was the visitors who took the points back home to Bydgoszcz by winning the game 51:87. The best player of the visiting team was Dragana Stanković with 17 points and five rebounds while Roksana Schmidt added 20 points and six rebounds to her tally.

The first game of the season did not bring the hoped for surprise but the Widzew team has everything to play for. They have to leave yesterday’s game behind and concentrate on the tasks ahead. In one week’s time, Widzew will travel down south to take on Wisla CanPack Kraków on Saturday 30th of September.

Widzew Łódź – Artego Bydgoszcz 51:87 (12:24, 13:19, 15:16, 11:28)

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