Fans and club send message to Hanna Zdanowska as Orzeł Łódź draws with Daugavpils (Photos)

Speedway team Orzeł Łódź welcomed last year’s league champions Lokomotiv Daugavpils to the Orzeł stadium in Łódź yesterday evening. Following a tight race, the Eagles finished the meeting with the Latvian side with 45:45 draw.

Before the meeting, fans of Orzeł held up a banner which read ‘Every bird needs a roof” in reference to a currently ongoing debate over whether or not the club will get a roof on top of their new stadium. In addition to the banner of the fans, Orzeł’s grid girls, instead of using the usual pom-poms or umbrellas, guided the riders to their starting points by using coloured cards which read “Please build a roof” . The message was intended for Łódź president Hanna Zdanowska in an attempt to persuade the city to add a roof to the currently constructed speedway stadium.

Next up, Orzeł will travel to Gdańsk next Sunday before playing host to Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnow on the 22nd f July.

Orzeł Łódź – Lokomotiv Daugavpils 45:45

Orzeł Łódź

Hans Andersen – 8+3 (2*,1*,1*,3,1)
Aleksandr Łoktajew – 10 (3,2,2,3,w)
Edward Mazur – 12 (2,2,3,3,2)
Rohan Tungate – 6+2 (w,1*,0,2*,3)
Robert Miśkowiak – 6 (1,2,2,1)
Michał Piosicki – 2+1 (1,1*,0)
Arkadiusz Potoniec – 1 (0,0,1)

Lokomotiv Daugavpils

Maksim Bogdanow – 12 (1,3,3,2,3)
Oleg Michaiłow – 0 (0,0,-,0)
Kjastas Puodżuks – 12 (3,3,3,2,1)
Artiom Trofimow – 1 (1,0,0,-,-)
Timo Lahti – 10 (3,3,2,d,2)
Davis Kurmis – 4+1 (3,0,1*,0)
Jewgienij Kostygow – 6+3 (2*,2*,w,1*,1)

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