Wawel Royal Castle unveils new acquistions

Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków has launched an exhibition showcasing 31 acquisitions made in 2014.


The state museum’s collections were supplemented thanks to purchases made at auction houses, as well as through donations and deposits. Museum director Professor Jan Ostrowski has expressed particular enthusiasm for a number of art works connected with former Polish kings. These include a miniature of King Augustus II (reigned 1697-1706), also Elector of Saxony, most probably hailing from the workshop of the highly regarded German portraitist Anton Raphael Mengs.

Other notable items include porcelain from the celebrated Saxon firm Meissen, such as a sugar bowl from the service of Aleksander Józef Sułkowski, a close advisor of Augustus II’s son, Augustus III. Most of the items acquired by Wawel Royal Castle were restored in workshops run by the museum itself.

Source: PAP
Photo: PAP/PAP/Jacek Bednarczyk

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