Violence erupts in Warsaw – At least 220 people detained on Independence Day

More than 220 people, including those who were involved in brawls at the Washington roundabout, have been detained by police – said police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski. He confirmed that at least one police officer was seriously injured in the clashes.


We separated a group of hooligans to try and stop them. We used water cannons, including colored water to later easier identify those persons involved in brawls – said Sokolowski.


Earlier, at the Washington roundabout, demonstrators broke traffic signs, barriers separating the tracks, destroyed a tram and threw stones and fireworks. Police used pepper spray and tear gas.


Some of the participants at the end of the parade decided to turn around to move towards the center of Warsaw. Ordinary participants of the march dispersed peacefully. The police were ordered to stop all those who are wounded, bloodied or behaved aggressively.

Police spokesman Sokolowski expects the violence to continue until late in the evening.

Pictures: TVP Info

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