Video: Thousands gather in Warsaw for anti-government march

Up to 50,000 people have gathered in Warsaw yesterday (12.05.) to take part in an anti-government freedom march (Marsz Wolnosci). As people marched through the Polish capital, Grzegorz Schetyna, leader of the opposition party Civic Platform (PO), said people came to the streets to give Poles hope that end of the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) is close.

– We still have a long march ahead of us, it will last for almost two years and will end in the spring of 2020 after the presidential election – Schetyna said. – Today PiS politicians are scared, hidden behind curtains, they are watching us, they look at us terrified – he added.

City officials confirmed the number of participants of the march at around 50,000, however, a spokesperson of the police said that this number may be exaggerated.

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