University in Białystok urges foreign students to stay indoors

The University of Technology in Białystok has urged its foreign students to stay indoors over the last weekend due to a nationalist march that took place in the city.


Members of the radical nationalist movement ONR gathered in the city of Białystok to commemorate the 82nd anniversary of ONR’s foundation. Ahead of the weekend and the nationalist gathering, the University sent a memo to all foreign students with the advice to stay indoors over the weekend.

” We strongly recommend that you do not leave your dormitories from 11:00 am on Saturday 16.04. till 3:00 am Saturday / Sunday night. In order to avoid any unpleasant incidents please do not go out to town and do not walk on the campus. Stay inside the resident halls.”, the memo read.

A similar warning was issued by IBM in Poland to its foreign workforce ahead of the “March of the Patriots” on Independence Day in November.

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