Unemployment rate in Poland dropped 5th month in a row

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced today that the unemployment rate in Poland in July decreased to 10.1 %. In June, GUS reported 10.3 %.


For the past five months, Poland has experienced a steady decrease in unemployment sliding from 12 % in the beginning of the year to 10.1 % in July.

The number of people registered as unemployed in jobcentres at the end of July was 1585.7 thousands, out of which 836.6 thousands were women. Unemployment rate in the under 24 age group was 26.9 %.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of unemployed has decreased in all provinces. The biggest drop was recorded in the regions of Lower Silesia (by 21.2 percent.), Wielkopolskie Voivodship (by 19.8 percent.) Opolskie Voievodship (by 19.7 percent), Lubuskie Voievodship (by 18.7 percent.) and Pomorskie Voievodhsip (by 18.4 percent. As compared to June 2015 the most significant drop was recorded in the Opole province (by 4.1 percent.).
The highest unemployment rate was recorded in Warminsko-Mazurskie Voievodship (16.3 percent.), the lowest in Wielkopolskie voivodship (6.6 percent.).

This positive trend is assumed to be the result of seasonal employment in construction, tourism, manufacturing as well as new investments in Poland mostly related to business process outsourcing.

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