Two Brits arrested over allegations of theft from Auschwitz

The two men with British passports were detained at the museum after security caught them taking items from the site.


The two 17-year and 18-year-old teenagers could face up to ten year simprisonment if found guilty.

On Monday afternoon, a guard at the museum notified police on suspicion of the of a fragment of hair clippers, a spoon shard, buttons and two pieces of glasses from Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, the site of the former Nazi concentration camp. The items were found in the ground around the notorious “Canada” section of the camp. This area was once home to a number of warehouses which were filled with the possessions of inmates. The Nazis burned the warehouses in January 1945 just before the Red Army arrived and liberated the camp.

Due to heavy rainfall, items still come to the surface, and even if they are not guarded, it is illegal to pick any of the historical items and take them from the site.

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