Strong winds cause havoc across northern and central Poland

In the night of Monday to Tuesday (26th / 27th December), strong winds have caused severe damage to buildings, power lines and trees in the northern and central parts of Poland. Winds reached speeds of up to 100 km/h .


As Radio Łódź reported, winds reaching up to 100 km/h caused severe damage to buildings and power lines in the northern and central parts of Poland in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Most interventions were recorded in Western Pomerania, Kujawy-Pomerania, Wielkopolska, Pomerania and Lubuskie. Firefighters primarily removed broken trees from roads and secured damaged roof tops. Spokesperson for the national fire service, Paweł Frątczak, said that about 27,000 customers were left without electricity due to strong winds tearing power lines and damaging power stations. Most of the affected households were in Western Pomerania. According to Radio Łódź, emergency services had to intervene over 830 times.

A level 1 weather warning has been issued for the entire country apart from the Pomerania, which received a level 2 warning. Strong winds mixed with rain are expected to last until the afternoon hours of Tuesday (27th December).

Emergency services are asking drivers to be cautious when parking their cars. Avoid leaving vehicles parked under trees or power lines. Pedestrians are asked not to seek shelter under trees to avoid being hit by broken off tree branches.

Image: Radio Łódź

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