Refugees from Donbass will arrive in Poland today

Two aircraft from parts of Ukraine, occupied by the separatists, will land at Malbork airbase today. At approx. 13:00 the first plane carrying the luggage of the 178 ethnic Polish refugess will arrive. Another aircraft with passengers is expected between the hours of 14 and 14.15. All refugess are ethnic Polish from the Donbass region of Ukraine also known as “Donbass Poles”. After arrival they will be brought to one of the hangars for passport clearance, and will then continue their journey by bus.


All families will be brought to a facility in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. The exact place of residence will be provided after the arrival of the two aircrafts.

The evacuation is supervised by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first step was to get Poles from the territories occupied regions. The operation completed successfully and on Sunday about 200 refugees who have expressed a desire to leave, were in Kharkov. Until the time of completion of formalities connected with the crossing of the Polish-Ukrainian border they were quartered in one of the local hotels. Foreign Ministry explains that the procedures involving the completion of documents will take a few days. This is the second stage of evacuation. Ministry of Interior announced that it was determined to find adequate facilities where refugees will be staying about half a year. – At the moment we do not give specific locations – says Malgorzata Wozniak, spokeswoman for the Ministry.

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