Racist attack on students in Bydgoszcz. Two men charged

Following an incident on a public transport vehicle in Bydgoszcz, two men were charged with racially attacking a group of students from Bulgaria and Turkey. As Eska Bydgoszcz reported, the incident took place in the evening hours of 01.12. while the students where traveling on a tram.


According to Eska news, the group of students from Bulgaria and Turkey were insulted while traveling on a tram in the center of Bydgoszcz. The attackers told the group to leave the tram as they were not from Poland. They also shouted that they should return to their country.

Noting the incident, the driver of the tram stopped the vehicle between stops, preventing the attackers from leaving, and called the police. The men were arrested and have since been charged with racially motivated assault. If convicted, they could face up to five years imprisonment.

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