President Andrzej Duda delivers New Year’s message to Poles

Fulfillment of dreams, confidence and optimism – President Andrzej Duda delivers New Year’s message to Poles. Duda also wished that the coming year was calm, happy and fruitful.


The president also pointed out the need to build a community. – As president of Poland I appeal to all my fellow countrymen and citizens of the Republic of Poland, to increasingly work together to become a community – Duda said.

He also spoke about the need to respect others. – We have common goals and aspirations but different views – he said. – We may differ in opinions, but we must talk to each other, respect and listen to each other – he added.

The President sent special wishes to all Polish families. He stressed the importance of the role of mothers, which on their shoulders – as he said – “carry the heaviest burden and greatest responsibility for future generations.” He also stressed the social significance of family businesses.

President Duda sent greetings to Poles living abroad. – I wish that our community would include a growing number of Poles returning to their homeland – he said. He also expressed the hope that better living conditions in Poland will encourage the return of those who in recent years have gone to the West.

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