Polish Interior Ministry advises Poles to carry passports when travelling to Germany

The Polish Interior Ministry appeals to Polish travellers to carry their passports or ID cards with them when travelling to Germany.


On Sunday (13.09.) Germany has temporarily re-instated border controls at its border with Austria. The decision is connected to the large number of immigrants trying to reach Germany through Austria.

“It could also happen that such controls could be carried out on Polish citizens entering Germany through the Polish-German border, as well as, through the Czech Republic or Austria,” Ministry spokesperson Małgorzata Woźniak said.

Although part of Schengen, crossing the border into Germany, travellers must always carry a valid ID document. However, as controls were not actively enforced, travellers tend to leave their documents at home. The Polish Interior Ministry urges Polish citizens to carry their documents with them in order to avoid any delays at border crossings with Germany.

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