Polish border guards detain more illegal immigrants than in previous year

Poland has recorded a rise in the amount of illegal immigrants detained by border guards, although many of the detainees were striving to travel further west, instead of staying in Poland.


In the first 6 months of 2015, 2,865 foreign nationals were detained by Polish border guards. That is an increase of over 900 people compared with the 1,961 in the same period in 2014. About 4,300 illegal immigrants were detained in the whole of 2014, seeing a rise of 800 compared to 2013.

Agnieszka Golias, spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard, says that a new trend has emerged, with a larger number of immigrants coming from the Middle East and Africa. However, most of these are not looking to settle down in Poland. “While illegal immigrants for example from Ukraine come to us for the purpose of earning money, foreigners from further afield treat Poland as a transit country through which they want to get to the West,” Golias stated.

Just recently Poland agreed to accept 2,000 refugees from Syria and Eritrea as part of a a major initiative by the EU. Candidates for Polish asylum are currently in holding camps both in Greece and Italy, as well as in Lebanon.

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