Police in Poland call for caution ahead of long May weekend

Police in Poland have appealed for caution as the long May weekend approaches. The call for caution is particularly aimed at drivers to drive safely but also aims at residents to secure their homes before going on a long weekend break.

During this year’s long May weekend (April 28th – May 3rd), additional police patrols will be deployed to ensure safety on the roads. Officers will check that drivers are adhering to traffic rules and speed. They will also check the driver’s sobriety, the technical condition of the vehicles and whether all passengers have fastened their seat belts. Police will pay special attention to whether or not children are carried in appropriate child seats. The use of unmarked police vehicles equipped with video recording equipment will also be increased.

In addition to road safety, police also appeal to residents to secure their homes properly before going a weekend trip. Holiday periods are high seasons for burglars. Before embarking on your journey, make sure that all windows are closed and properly secured. When leaving, ensure that doors and gates are properly locked.

If you have a friendly neighbor, ask them to keep an eye on your apartment or house. If you trust them with your keys, ask them to open the windows from time to time and turn on the light in the evening. Also ask them to take, newspapers, flyers and letters out of the letter box to give the impression that the residents are at home.

Enjoy the long May weekend!

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