Poles divided on question of refugees

Demonstrations pro and anti reception of refugees from the Middle East and Africa in Poland were held in several cities across Poland on Saturday, with the largest held in Warsaw.


Poland was asked by the European Union to accept a quota of nearly 12,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Syria and Eritrea. In theory, Poland has the capacity to host 30000 refugees, a spokesperson of the foreign citizens bureau UDSC said. However, housing a large number of foreigners in one place may result in negative effects, such as hostility and sense of alienation, said Miroslaw Bieniecki, expert at the migration studies institute.

A special session of parliament is due to be held on Wednesday to discuss the policy on refugees. The session will held at the request of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, who was heavily criticised by opposition politicians for not providing information on Poland’s policy as of now.

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