Poland’s economic mission to Iran

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński visited Iran on an economic mission. Yesterday (26.09) a series of meetings with Iran’s ministers and vice president Mazumeh Ebtekar took place.


His main objectives were facilitating LOT’s plan to open a new connection between Warsaw and Teheran. Introducing polish manufacturers of trains and buses Pesa and Newag as Iran plans the modernization of its rolling stock and introducing polish technology of water treatment to Iran’s government.

Mr. Piechocinski visit is part of preparations for the anticipated lift of sanctions against Iran in January 2016 and aims to bring two countries closer together. The Deputy Prime Minister signed an agreement on economic cooperation with the Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tajibnia which will lead to the establishment of an intergovernmental mixed commission, which will be a forum for regular consultation of the economic future of Poland and Iran.

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