Poland to replace Russia as Bulgaria’s jet servicer

The Bulgarian and Polish defense ministers signed a letter of intent in Sofia setting the terms for the modernization and maintenance of the Bulgarian Air Force’s MiG 29 fighters in Poland.


The fighter jets were originally supposed to be maintained by Russia’s RSK MiG company based on an agreement made back in March this year. However, due to the recent political climate, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense decided not to implement the agreement in a bid not to become dependent on Russia. A deal with the Polish government was negotiated instead.

Bulgaria’s fighter jet fleet consists of 16 MiG planes out of which only 4 are in a good condition. According to the letter of intent the planes will be serviced in Wojskowych Zakładach Lotniczych nr 2 in Bydgoszcz and nr 4 in Warsaw.

Image: Wiki Commons

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