Poland to ban E-Cigarettes in public places. Changes to be introduced in 2016

Smokers satisfying their habits in public places with E-Cigarettes soon need to find an alternative. The Polish Ministry of Health is preparing a ban which is to come into effect in 2016.


The Polish Ministry of Health is preparing a legislation banning smoking of so-called e-cigarettes in public places. The new provisions also prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors over the Internet.

E-cigarettes contain nicotine and additives, but their harm to body and health appears to be smaller, compared to regular cigarettes, due to the lack of tar – says Dr. Dariusz Nejc at the Copernicus hospital in Łódź. – Their popularity has grown only recently, so there are currently no accurate studies available which show their long-term effects on the smoker – he adds.

The Ministry of Health wants to implement the changes latest by 20th of May 2016. It is connected with the introduction of the EU’s tobacco directive. The EU assumes that due to restrictive regulations the number of smokers will drop by 2 percent.

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