Poland marks 73rd anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

1st of August marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a military operation organized by the Polish resistance to free Warsaw from Nazi German occupation. Poles across the country unite to commemorate the heroes of the uprising.

Today, 1st of August 2017, marks the 73rd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising was a military operation to liberate Warsaw from Nazi German occupation. It started on the 1st of August 1944 and lasted over 2 months. It is estimated that during the operation, 16,000 resistance fighters lost their lives while an estimated 6,000 were wounded. Additionally, it is estimated that during the operation, between 150,000 and 220,000 civilians were killed.

In Warsaw, the uprising will be marked with ceremonies across the city while at 17:00, or “W-Hour”, sirens will be heard across the country to mark the anniversary of the start of the Uprising. 17:00 (W-Hour) was the time at which attacks at various locations across the capital were carried out to start the uprising.

When the sirens go off at 17:00, everyone is asked to stop for 70 seconds to take a moment and remember the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising.

Image: Wiki Commons

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