Poland demands EU security guarantees if it is to host refugees

Members of the newly formed Polish government have raised the question of security guarantees if Poland was to host the agreed quota of refugees. The move comes after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday which claimed the lives of over 100 people.


Konrad Szymanski, Poland’s incoming European affairs minister, said in a statement – “Poland cannot accept migrants relocated under a European Union quota system after the attacks in Paris without security guarantees.”

“The attacks mean the necessity of an even deeper revision of the European policy towards the migrant crisis,” Szymanski continued.

“We’ll accept refugees only if we have security guarantees. This is a key condition, and today a question mark has been put next to it all around Europe,”

In September, Poland turned its back on other Central Eastern European countries such Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia by agreeing to a European Union plan to spread 120000 refugees across 28 nations. Under this plan, Poland was to take in 4500 refugees, adding to some 2000 it already accepted.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris in which over 100 people were killed. According to information released by Greek authorities, two of the Paris attackers arrived in Europe and registered as refugees last month.


Poland’s incoming Prime Minister Beata Szydlo lit a candle at the French Institute in Krakow on Saturday. At a briefing she refused to comment on the refugee issue, adding that she and her government will do everything in their power “for the Polish nation to feel safe.”

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