Member of Polish parliament wants war reparations from Germany. Germany considers topic “closed”

Arkadiusz Mularczyk, a member of the Polish parliament from the ruling Law and Justice party, said that he has asked for a report to be prepared which is to confirm whether or not Poland can claim reparations for WW2 from Germany.

Mularczyk said that nearly 6 million Poles were killed when Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland between 1939 – 1945. According to the news outlet TVN24, Mularczyk stated that it is “Poland’s moral duty” to seek reparations.

The move comes just shortly after the 73rd anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw uprising which saw 18,000 resistance fighters and over 200,000 civilians killed in a stand off between the Polish home army and the Nazi-German occupants which lasted for 63 days.

Mularczyk said that the report will be ready on the 11th of August and will be presented to the government.

In the meantime, Ulrike Demmer, a spokesperson for the German government’s press office said – The issue of German reparations for Poland was finally settled in the past – legally and politically. In 1953, Poland withdrew from further reparations from the whole of Germany (East and West) and repeatedly confirmed their standpoint since then – Demmer stated.

– Of course, Germans feel a sense of political, moral and financial responsibility for the Second World War. They paid reparations to a considerable extent for general damage of the war, also to Poland and continue to provide redress for Nazi harm, – Demmer, adds.

Image: Wiki Commons

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