Independence March in Warsaw passed without major incidents

At 2pm, the March of Independence started under the slogan “Poland for Poles, Poles for Poland”. There was a small incident on the bridge, however, security guards of the march mastered the situation.


The demonstrators walked the same route as in 2014 .: Al. Jerozolimskimi, Poniatowskiego Bridge and Al. Poniatowskiego towards the National Stadium, near the train station. At the National Stadium last speeches of organizers and invited guests were held.


Warsaw police stated that the march proceeded peacefully and without major incidents. At the moment there is no information of any detained marchers.


Motto of this year’s march was: “Poland for Poles. Poles for Poland”. Nationalists stated that the slogan is related to “flood of illegal immigrants that knock at the door of Europe”. Witold Tumanowicz, march organizer, said that the slogan is intended to reflect the basic truth “about the menial role of the state to the citizen and the citizen to the fatherland.”


Although the actual march has finished and no major incidents were reported, Warsaw police is prepared for an evening of violence.

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