IBM Wroclaw warns employees – “Stay clear of March of the Patriots”

IBM in Wroclaw issued a warning to its foreign employees to stay away from the March of the Patriots which takes place on 11th of November. The warning was issued over safety concerns for their foreign workforce.


The warning was issued to foreign employees at IBM’s Wroclaw branch. IBM Wroclaw employs foreign nationals from 63 countries and asked employees to stay clear of marches, demonstrations or gatherings which could involve racist elements.

The 11th of November marks Poland’s regaining of independence in 1918. Several thousand people are expected to take to the streets to join the Patriot March. The event is organised by far right groups, including the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP).

Agnieszka Koizumi, a spokeswoman for IBM Wroclaw: – For security reasons, we informed the staff that some of the manifestations may be racist. We approached them with the request that they stay clear of places where these manifestations take place.

The Patriots March in Wroclaw has become an annual event with several thousand participants. This year, the city council received a notification that up to 10 thousand people will take part in the march. The last NOP marches were directed at refugees, while they chanted slogans like “F..k Arabs”.

In 2014 the prosecutor’s office in Warsaw recorded 41 instances related to racist violence, i.e. against people of color. That’s 10 more than in 2013.

Source: wyborcza
Image: agencja gazeta

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