Heatwave hits Poland – Temperatures rise to 37 degrees

After a tentative start to spring, marred by heavy rain and flooding in parts of the country, Poland is preparing for a heatwave starting this weekend.

kurtyna wodna

Forecasts are calling for the heatwave to bring up to 35 degrees over the weekend with it’s peak reaching 37 degrees on Monday as a stable high pressure system extends from the Atlantic Ocean to Central Europe.

Medical experts from various Polish voivodeships are advising elderly people and young children to stay indoors.

In cases of heat stroke — with symptoms such as general weaknesses, dry mouth, confusion, vertigo, disorientation, nausea and cramps — people are advised to call a doctor without delay.

Medical professionals say other advice for dealing with the above-average temperatures includes:

— drink at least two litres of water per day, while avoiding alcohol, fats and sugars

— wear light-coloured clothing and if you are going outside wear a cap or other hat

— freshen up by having at least one shower a day

— seek out cool, shaded areas

— if you have air conditioning, avoid setting the temperature below 21 degrees — great differences between the heat indoors and outdoors can lead to sore throats and cases of angina

— ensure that elderly people — many of whom lose their sense of thirst — have enough to drink 

— keep infants away from confined spaces and ensure they in a place with adequate air flow

However, while following the medical advise, you can still enjoy the great weather. There are plenty of outdoor swimming pools, lakes, shaded areas (forests) and other refreshing places you can visit throughout Poland. If you wish to spend some time in a beergarden, make sure there are adequate shaded areas and do not drink excessively.

Photo: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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