Fire & Rescue Service on New Year’s Eve: Almost two times more interventions than last year

On New Year’s Eve, fire brigades across Poland intervened almost two times more than in the year before – 2180 times. Two people were killed, 33 were injured – said Paweł Frątczak, spokesman for the State Fire Service.


– On New Year’s Eve and during the first hours of New Year’s day, fire brigades across Poland had to intervene a total of 2,180 times for various types of events, including 1,367 calls to fires. Two people were killed and 33 were injured – said Frątczak.

This means that during the night of 31.12. / 01.01., firemen intervened almost two times more than last year. During New Year’s Eve 2014 / 15, fire brigades intervened 1391 times out of which 698 were related to fire. Last year, 3 people were killed and 34 were injured.

According to firefighters, dozens of fires occurred on balconies, in farm buildings or involving livestock in rural areas. Most of the incidents were the direct result of improper use of pyrotechnics.

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